Charles Zook, MBA, CPCC is a masterful Relationship Coach, putting his heart, soul, intellect and experience into coaching hundreds of relationships for over 15 years. His joy is empowering people to feel self-determined in their personal and professional relationships, and in their relationship with themselves. Charles brings a practical “toolbox” approach, encouraging his clients to become ever more capable and confident in their ability to create the life experience they envision.

In 2003, Charles and Kathy Olberts, MBA, CPCC created Quantum Teams, a system for measuring and improving Team Effectiveness. His work in professional settings includes for-profits, e.g. Unilever, non-profits, e.g. Stanford Medical Center, and governmental agencies, e.g the State of California.

When Charles works with an individual, he would call himself a Leadership Coach. Charles defines Leadership as, “Having a vision for the future that is not predictable.” Foundational to powerfully creating your life is having a healthier relationship with the complex interior of self, e.g. how I talk to myself, how I respect myself, and how I honor what is truly important to me in my choices every day.

Charles brings practical tools that open up new possibilities to live the life one envisions, rather than a life on autopilot.

Charles approaches personal relationships in a very non-traditional, non-therapeutic manner. He is not a PhD, nor a MFCC, nor any kind of a marriage counselor or therapist. His practical approach addresses what is happening in the relationship, acknowledging what is working well, and applying tools and skillset to the opportunities for growth that are a healthy part of all relationships. If both parties are willing to put in the effort, Charles has tools that allow a couple to build the relationship they envision.